Organise at work – join the IWW!

Welcome to the Industrial Workers of the World! We’re a union for all workers, run by workers, who have come together to fight for a better life and workplace democracy.

When faced alone, problems in our workplaces, our communities and the world can seem overwhelming. But by standing together in solidarity with our co-workers and with those who share our conditions, we’re much more powerful. We believe that our union can help us fight to improve our lives right now, and to create a society based on justice, equality and democracy.

IWW members around the world are fighting for and winning better working conditions. Whether it be fast food workers in Oregon confronting their boss together to demand and win safer closing hours, service workers in Quebec protesting to get a co-worker their job back, or recycling workers in California going on strike to prevent their wages being delayed, our union is empowering workers to unite and improve our lives together through our own actions.

The IWW in Australia has only recently reformed and reorganised, but if you want a better deal at work then join us and let’s fight together to win!