IWW members score big victories overseas

Over the past few months, IWW members across North America and the UK have been winning inspiring victories in their workplaces.

In the US, the IWW Burgerville Workers’ Union has become the first ever formally recognised fast food union in American history. IWW members at Burgerville have now unionised nine stores in their 42-outlet burger chain, and are fighting to win a $5 per-hour wage increase, guaranteed consistent hours, and company-provided health care. In February, workers at four stores staged a successful strike against the victimisation of a union activist.

In New York, 31 IWW members who had been fired for organising in their workplace at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Times Square won full reinstatement with $500,000 backpay after a months-long campaign.

And app-based delivery couriers working in Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol and Wales in the UK have also organised in couriers’ unions and affiliated with the IWW. In late 2017 in Bristol, IWW members working for Deliveroo went on strike and won the abolition of unpaid “trial” shifts, as well as improvements to health and safety conditions. In Quebec in Canada, IWW riders recently chartered the “Syndicat des Coursiers et Coursières de Vélo du Montréal” to unionise bike couriers.

Workers in fast food and “gig economy” jobs are constantly told that they are at the bottom of the economic ladder and that their jobs are “unorganisable.” The IWW, however, is committed to organising right across the lowest paid and most precarious industries. If you want to see this happen, then join us today!